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This week has been yet another hectic week in the CHO multi-gen household. I don’t think I will ever not have a hectic week. Such is life as a CHO. I’m not complaining though. But, there are times where I wish things would slow down just a little bit. This week I had to finish scanning old family photos so we could take them back to the storage unit and then bring out our fall décor. I also had to help my husband get paperwork filled out and sent out as well as help him get through all his paperwork to start school soon. I also had to help my dad with some paperwork. I was starting to feel like a girl Friday this week. I also had a whole lot of errands to run and help my mom get done. Then, I had housework to get done (which I will admit, I have not gotten everything done yet) and mountains of laundry to wash. However, it is still 100* in Texas and we were made aware that we need to reduce the use of our large appliances during peak hours in the day. Our peak hours are from 2-7 PM. So, I cannot do what I need to for half of the day right now. So, the piles of laundry must wait until either this evening or tomorrow when I have time to get it done. It is never a dull moment in this house.

Time For Some Self-Care

This hectic week has reminded me of the importance of taking some time for yourself. A couple of weeks ago I talked about stress and self-care. That inspired this week’s blog post. I have 4 low maintenance beauty practices that also happen to be great self-care practices. All 4 of these practices allow me to pamper myself and decompress a little bit from the organized chaos that is my life.

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A Low Maintenance Woman

I believe I am a very low maintenance woman. Now that I am a homemaker and work from home, I do not wear makeup very often anymore. I used to wear makeup daily when I worked outside the house. But, my makeup routine has always been on the more natural/subtle side. I just want to even my skin tone and cover breakouts and dark circles. Then I would add some blush and mascara and be done. I prefer very sheer foundation too. A basic color and style is best for my hair. I am also a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl.

My Definition of Low Maintenance

Each person has a different scale on how to decide if a person is high or low maintenance. For me, I believe a woman is high maintenance if she cannot leave the house without a full face of makeup, even to the gym. The high maintenance woman also focuses on how much something costs, meaning, if it isn’t expensive, it isn’t good. This woman may also spend a lot of time at the salon getting all kinds of hair and/or skin treatments.

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To be low maintenance does not mean inexpensive either. I will admit that some of my practices may not be in everyone’s budget. I try my best to purchase cruelty free and natural products. A lot of the time, those types of products cost more than the average drugstore brand. I also pay more for my hairstylist because she is experienced and knows how to work with curly hair. For me, being low maintenance has to do with how quickly and easily I can get dressed or complete my beauty routine or salon visits.

Personal Choice

There is nothing wrong with being high maintenance. If you have the time and can afford those practices, that is great! I personally just can’t see myself spending that much time and money on myself like that.

Low Maintenance Does Not Mean Lazy

Even though I am low maintenance, that does not mean that I do not care about how I look. I am trying very hard to get back into shape and staying in shape and still try to look somewhat put together when I leave the house. I also want to remain attractive for my husband. Just because I am married does not mean I get to let myself go. So, I thought I’d share the four low maintenance things I do, not only for my beauty routine, but also as an opportunity to take care of myself. These four practices are the bare minimum beauty practices that many women ought to practice in my opinion.

4 Low Maintenance Beauty Practices


Maintaining hair can be very important for a woman. If you are like me, you noticed your first gray hair in high school. Yes, I was 16 the first time I found a gray hair. It’s genetic, we just can’t help it. However, it does not make me feel any better to know that I have gray hair at such a young age. Hair color is not the only important factor. Keeping hair trimmed and styled keeps hair healthy and can make a woman feel good about herself.

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It is up to you on how you want to keep your hair. For a low maintenance woman, covering the grays and choosing a versatile hairstyle that does not take a lot of effort to maintain may be the best option. For me, I want something that does not require a hairdryer or hot iron of any kind in order to style it. Since I have curly hair, that means that my hair should stay a certain length and have a lot of layers.

With my choices on hairstyle and color, I visit a salon every three months. I cover the grays and reshape my hairstyle. It usually takes about two hours at the salon to get everything done. Those two hours are amazing too. I get to catch up with my stylist and just decompress a bit. Then, my hair is all set for another three months.

At Home Routine

In between salon sessions, I make sure I wash and condition my hair regularly and use deep condition treatments periodically. To style my hair, I apply some anti-frizz or curl defining products to wet hair and let it air dry. Currently, I use a lot of DevaCurl and Giovanni products.  


Keeping clean and healthy nails is very important. Keeping finger and toenails trimmed and clean is necessary for good hygiene and can quickly and easily be taken care of at home. If you are trying to remain low maintenance about your nails, there are all kinds of products you can buy and use at home.

Woman painting nails
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 I do not go for regular manicures at a nail salon. But, I have a nail kit of my own at home. I keep my nails trimmed short and file and shape them. I also take the time to care for my cuticles. Essie has an amazing cuticle oil that also helps strengthen my nails. I rarely paint my fingernails, but I will for special occasions or holidays. If my cuticles get too bad, I will schedule an appointment at a salon to have them professionally trimmed. Right now, I go for a manicure about three times a year.


While I do not go to the salon for regular manicures, I do go for regular pedicures. I visit the salon every 4-6 weeks and the appointment usually runs about 45 minutes. I know that may not sound very low maintenance, but it is a necessary habit for me. My toes are all kinds of crazy. I have issues with ingrown nails and I simply cannot completely take care of them myself nor do I want to pay to have a doctor do it for me (or have the procedure done to stop ingrown nails from happening). My pedicure appointments also include a foot and leg massage.

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These regular visits with the pedicure and massage have helped with my chronic pain a great deal. The fact that my pain is reduced makes the extra cost so worth it. When I experience less pain, I can do more, and I do not need to visit the doctor as often nor take medication. So, pedicures will always be in my budget. If you struggle with chronic pain in your legs and/or feet or are on your feet a lot, I recommend regular pedicures. It really can help and is so much better than taking medication.


Keeping my eyebrows shaped and trimmed is important to me. I go to European Wax Center every 4-5 weeks to have a beautician wax my brows for me. This is yet another thing I want kept up but cannot really do on my own. I can tweeze the stragglers but keeping my brows properly shaped is something I have yet to accomplish on my own. These appointments run about $20 and I am in and out in 10 minutes. So, I can easily get this taken care of on a day I am running errands anyway.

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If you do not want to go to a salon to maintain your brows, they can be taken care of at home. You can tweeze or trim them up or even buy wax and wax your brows at home. It just took me way to long to tweeze mine myself. One time I even plucked them unevenly and made my brows too thin. I am just glad they grew back the way I needed.

Frame the Face

Since I do not wear a lot of makeup anymore, I feel like it is important that my eyebrows look good. My brows are very dark, and the individual hairs can start to curl if they are not trimmed or plucked regularly. So, it can be easily seen if I do not keep them waxed or trimmed. Keeping my brows maintained is a way for me to tell myself and others that I do care about myself and how I look. I feel like not maintaining my brows can make me look disheveled and I really don’t want that.


Skincare is probably the most important thing for many women. Skin is the largest organ of the human body and needs a lot of TLC. However, I feel like some women go a little too far with their skin care routine. I know some women whose regular routine includes up to 20 different products just for their face! I can’t imagine how much that costs in a year nor how much time it takes for them to apply it all. My daily, low maintenance, full body routine consists of 6 different products per day. I have a face wash, body wash, daytime face moisturizer, nighttime face moisturizer, under eye cream, and body lotion. I also have a face exfoliant and body scrub that I use weekly. The scrubs and washes are used in the shower. My daytime moisturizer takes all of two minutes to apply. My nighttime face and body lotions take about 10 minutes to apply and is a great way for me to get ready for bed in the evening.

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Favorite Products

I want to make sure my skin is moisturized first and foremost. Then, I want to reduce dark spots and prevent fine lines. I try to find one product that can take care of more than one issue for my skin. I want to make my routine quick and easy, but I also want to keep the cost down. For splurge products, I love Tarte Cosmetics’ skincare line. I also use a lot of YesTo products. Their YesTo Blueberries products are perfect to help prevent fine lines. I also use a periodic face mask from YesTo. Their Yesto Grapefruit masks are amazing!


Even the lowest maintenance woman must take time out of her day to take care of herself. When it comes to beauty practices I believe taking care of your hair, nails, brows and skin are the easiest ways a low maintenance woman can take care of herself. It does not take a full face of makeup for a woman to look put together. Keeping up with these four beauty practices can be just as sufficient, especially for the low maintenance woman. I shared what I do for these four beauty practices.

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But, you can do whatever you want. If you want to color your own hair, that is great. If you want to embrace your grays, that is awesome! But, it is still important to keep your hair healthy. We all have different budgets and desires. As long as you are keeping yourself healthy and happy, that is all that matters.

Questions of the Week

Do you consider yourself high or low maintenance?

What beauty practices are necessary in your routine?

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6 thoughts on “4 Low Maintenance Beauty Practices

  1. THANK YOU for this list! I’m low maintenance AND have run into the slump of being a wahm of many childrens (yes I misspelled it on purpose), including a special needs little. I am TERRIBLE about doing things for myself, including a simple trip to the salon. *cough cough* I haven’t been in TWO years. Yes, that’s right. Two years. /facepalm. I NEED to start making more time for myself. I know I’d feel better which would result in being a “better” mom & wife for my family. Totally saving this list!

    1. I’m sure you’re already a great mom. But, I think you might notice a huge difference though when you set some time aside for yourself to just decompress and pamper yourself. You deserve it, even if it’s a half hour for a nice bath, bar of chocolate and a face mask. 🙂

  2. I just like the helpful info you provide on your articles. I will bookmark your blog and take a look at again here frequently. I’m fairly sure I’ll learn many new stuff right right here! Good luck for the following!

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