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Hello friends, long time no talk.  There are many reasons why I haven’t posted in so long. Some is just life and others I will discuss throughout this post. It seems like no matter how hard I try, this blog always seems to take a backseat and I hate that. This lack of consistency is definitely one way I am kneecapping my blog. Hopefully after this post, I will feel more free to post more often.

Why Haven’t I posted?

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There is a lot going on in our country and in the world right now. I have been wanting to write about it on here, but I have been afraid to for many different reasons. The biggest reason is that I wanted this blog to be an escape for people. I wanted to keep it lighthearted and more carefree for those who came to visit. That still is and always will be my goal. But, that doesn’t mean that I should not talk about important things as well.

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Even with the most topical discussions on the world around us, my worldview would affect how I see things. Because I might have a different worldview, I have been hesitant to share because I really didn’t want to start right off the bat attracting people who want to spam my site with hate or accuse me of being something that I am not.

No More Self-Censoring

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Recently, I have decided that I am not going to care what people have to say about or to me on my blog. It is too important to me to be completely free in sharing my beliefs on any and all subjects. If you follow me on Twitter, then you already know that I have been talking about a lot more topics there than I do on here. While I do not intend to change what this blog is about, I want to make sure everyone knows more clearly where I stand on certain things. I would be surprised to hear from anyone who says they are surprised by my views on certain subjects because of the whole premise of this blog.

How to Ruin Your Blog

I was given a lot of unsolicited advice by a lot of people when I was first talking about wanting to start a blog. There are several things that kept coming up that I want to share with you. Literally none of the people who offered this advice were writers or bloggers themselves. That may or may not mean anything but looking back I think it is kind of funny. A person generally does not get medical advice from anyone other than a healthcare professional, or car advice from a mechanic. So, yeah…

Don’t Share Controversial Opinions on Your Blog

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The one thing literally everyone said to me was to not share anything on your blog that could be controversial. This is how I ended up with posts talking about the importance of hydration. Proper hydration is important, but I don’t want this blog to be filled with nothing but fluff pieces like that. I want to have real conversations with people about real issues that affect them. In 2020 discussing actual mental health issues seems to be controversial. Not talking about it and the real research about these disorders does nothing but hurt more people. I don’t want to go out of my way to hurt people, but I don’t want to sugarcoat reality either.

Don’t Talk Politics

Politics are very divisive these days and I was warned to not talk about it. And for the most part, I do want to avoid politics on this blog. But, with current events and the idea that certain issues are becoming partisan issues even though they really shouldn’t be (e.g. human trafficking and pedophilia), I will want to share my thoughts and concerns on here in the future.

My Political Views

I will not go into too much detail, but I can share some broad strokes. I believe in limited government. There should not be a regulation for every little aspect of our lives. The pro-life movement is very important to me. I am also open to capital punishment for those who have committed the most heinous crimes. But that doesn’t mean I don’t acknowledge the fact that reform needs to be done in our criminal justice system. I am pro-immigration and against illegal immigration and I also want to see an end to entitlement programs for illegal immigrants and reform on our welfare system as a whole.

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I am a huge supporter of the second amendment and go to the range with my family for target practice. Everyone should learn about firearms, take courses and arm themselves in order to protect themselves and their loved ones.

The military has been and always will be important to me. I will speak up and support proper funding for defense of our country and proper funding for military pay and welfare.

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I believe vaccines are mostly beneficial for individuals and society. However, vaccines should not be mandated by any government. If you choose to vaccinate or not should be a discussion between you and your physician. Individuals need to be educated on the risks of not being vaccinated. They should also be educated on the risks of being vaccinated. Then, they can make their own educated decision on what is best for themselves and their family. However, I am not in support of the new COVID vaccine. I don’t think there will be enough research on it before rolling it out and I am absolutely against any kind of mandate for it.

Now that I have effectively angered 95% of you all who are reading this, I will continue. For the other 5%, keep reading, I’m sure I’ll anger you somehow.

Don’t Talk About Religion

The second most common thing I was told not to talk about was religion. I was told that religion is divisive and could offend people, blah blah blah. I’ve been open since the beginning that I am Christian. I’m sure my Christian views will also upset some other Christians who apply/understand doctrine differently than I do. That is fine. I am just trying to be the best Christian I can be. I am constantly learning, and I hope that I can help share that knowledge with others.

My Beliefs

Again, very broad strokes here…I believe in the Holy Trinity of Father, Son, Holy Spirit. The Bible is our religious text. It has many authors who wrote through Divine Intervention. My Bible has 66 books in it. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. I was raised Catholic but no longer practice and attended Liberty University for both of my degrees. My husband was raised Methodist. We have not found a church yet but hope to find our community soon. Even though we do not attend church at the moment, my Christian beliefs are still very strong and helps shape my worldview on everything around me. What I believe is right politically is because of my beliefs.

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If we disagree with anything religiously or politically, that is okay. I am called to love others as Jesus loves me. We can disagree. I try very hard to not be a haughty, self-righteous person. I am a sinner, plain and simple. We all are. I might disagree with your lifestyle or your moral compass, but I still love you.

Don’t Get Too Science-y

I laughed at this one, not gonna lie. Someone told me to not bore people with statistics and whatnot. But, if you know me personally, you know that I do a lot of research. If there is something I don’t know (this can be for any topic), I will use every minute of free time I have until I find some answers. I will look at news sites, I will look for academic literature, other blog posts, etc. until I find enough information on the topic. I love having this information handy when I talk with friends and family about stuff, especially if I might be debating them on something and hope to persuade them in some way.

Science is Fun

Also, science fascinates me. I am a creationist, but I also believe that there was some level of evolution on the planet. When studying the Bible, one will learn that there are some things that should be taken literally, while others are up to interpretation. When the Bible says that God took six days to create the universe, we have to remember that God transcends time and there really wasn’t a way to measure time during creation. So, even though the verse said day and night, while the universe was being built, entire millennia could have passed between the creation of land and sea and the creation of Adam. The study of science allows us to truly appreciate the beauty of the universe that God built. So, I want to study all the sciences at every chance I get.

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I’ve had some say that certain science camps aren’t all inclusive. To that, I say too bad. What I follow is proven data. Is it set in stone? Not necessarily. Data can change as time progresses and that is fine. But I am a little disappointed in the American Psychological Association as of late because of statements they have made regarding certain mental health disorders. Disorders that have been in the DSM for many years are now expected to be treated differently, even celebrated at the risk to the well-being of many psychiatric patients. This is all in the name of being woke or being seen as progressive. But, for many studies, the data just does not support these new stances.

For any topic I choose to discuss, I will try my best to have some kind of science behind it. I have done just that in the lifestyle posts I did as well as the mental health posts I created months back. That is just in my nature.

Don’t Discuss Tradition

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This was actually going to go against most of what I wanted to discuss on this blog. I believe in traditional gender roles (as supported by science and my religion). When a man acts and lives in what is statistically in his nature, he is more content. The same is true when a woman acts and lives in what is statistically in her nature, she is more content as well. When a man marries a woman and they naturally take on certain roles, there is statistically more chance of living in harmony.

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I believe in celebrating ancestral tradition as well. Yes, I am white, but my family is no less rich in tradition than any other family. I also celebrate the traditions learned within the military community. I want to be able to share all of them with you all as well.

Why Would People Tell Me This?

Again, I had a lot of unsolicited advice. But for most people, I think they were genuinely trying to help and want me to be successful with this blog. For that I am thankful. Sharing an opinion on anything anymore can cause tension. They didn’t want me to have to deal with that. There are probably a couple more reasons as well.

Losing Affiliations

Many who aren’t in the blogging or influencing world don’t understand affiliations very well. I have affiliate links with several companies at the moment. There is a code attached to that affiliate links. Most of them are seen as ads on my pages. If a person visits my blog, clicks the link and then makes a purchase, I earn a certain percentage of that sale.

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My sharing of my views from now on could cause some companies to want to cut ties with me because my views don’t represent them in the way they would like. Honestly, that is fine. I am not going to withhold my views on things anymore out of the fear of losing affiliations with certain companies. And, to be completely transparent, I have had some affiliations for as long as a year and I have not earned one red cent from any of them. Zero, nada, zilch. So, staying neutral made me exactly $0. Actually, with the cost of buying my logo and paying for my domain, staying neutral has cost me money. So, I can just as easily be in the same position financially and still be able to share my views and take part in discussions that could cause actual change in our society.

Some People May Not Feel Welcome

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This one made me pause for a minute. Not every blog that exists is for every single person on the planet. That just isn’t possible. Every blog has a targeted audience. There are automotive blogs that have such a small audience. There are tech blogs that people may only go to because they are looking for IT answers or are shopping for a new computer. And then there are blogs for men, for women, for people of color. Not everything has to be for everybody. That is okay and there is plenty of room on the internet for anyone and everyone who wants their voice to be heard.

I may disagree with someone on a topic, but I will not waste an ounce of energy to have them silenced. I expect the same from others for my blog and my voice.

Moving Forward

Hopefully, now that I have made my views and intentions for the blog clearer, I will be able to post more and share thoughts and feelings more. I have had such a hard time because I have been wanting to talk about current events more, or talk about deeper topics but scared that someone would get offended. So, now that everything is out, I hope I will be able to post more regularly and have fruitful discussions with everyone.

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