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My family and I LOVE SeaWorld. We were regular visitors in the 90s when my dad was stationed in San Antonio. We have been Season Pass holders every year since 2009. I will always recommend locals to buy a Season Pass for SeaWorld because there is always something to do at the park. The two-park pass gives you entry to SeaWorld and Aquatica San Antonio for a year. The two-park pass is usually about $10 more than the one-park pass. If you only go to Aquatica once, the difference is easily paid for.

SeaWorld San Antonio sign
Signage for the Summer events this year.

If you go SeaWorld or Aquatica San Antonio three times or more, you have gotten your money’s worth for the whole year (Gold passes gives you free parking, which really comes in handy during peak season times and parking is $25 a day). SeaWorld is upping its game too when it comes to seasonal events. There is a food and wine festival in the spring (check out my review of that here), activities all summer long, Oktoberfest celebrations in the fall as well as Halloween and Christmas events. Of course, the up-close animal encounters and thrilling rides that are there year-round are a lot of fun. You can check out the calendar here.

I love going to Aquatica San Antonio. But, we usually only make one visit a year. We try to go more often but scheduling just doesn’t allow for it. So, we have decided to make our visit extra special. In 2017 we rented a cabana for our day at the waterpark and I think we instantly got hooked. So, we rented a cabana again this year and we might make it an annual tradition. Continue reading to learn about Aquatica San Antonio’s cabana rentals.

Aquatica San Antonio

Aquatica mascots

Before we get into the cabanas, I wanted to give you a little bit more information on SeaWorld’s waterpark, Aquatica. There are three Aquatica locations that go with all three SeaWorld locations. I have been to SeaWorld Orlando but have not been to any Aquatica location besides the one in San Antonio. Aquatica San Antonio used to be The Lost Lagoon and guests could come into the waterpark with the same ticket as SeaWorld. The waterpark got a major upgrade in 2011/2012 and was converted into Aquatica San Antonio. For its first year as Aquatica, visitors could visit the waterpark with the same ticket as SeaWorld. But, in 2013 (I believe) the waterpark became its own stand-alone theme park.


Aquatica's wave pool
Big Surf Shores and lounge chairs

There are eight water slide towers that include WhooHoo Falls, Tassie’s Twisters, Kiwi Curl, HooRoo Run, Walhalla Wave, Stingray Falls, Taumata Racer, and the newest attraction, Ihu’s Breakaway Falls. Ihu’s Breakaway Falls is the tallest drop slide in Texas!

Aquatica San Antonio also has Big Surf Shores, a wave pool that makes swells of up to 5 ft.! Then, there is my favorite, Loggerhead Lane. Loggerhead Lane is a 1,200 ft. lazy river and is a great way to take a break in the middle of the day. Whanau Waters is a resort style pool that allows visitors to relax and unwind for a bit.

Aquatica water slide
Stingray Falls

If you have little ones with you, Zippity Zappity and Slippity Dippity are the places to go! This is a separate pool and slides for younger guests. Kata’s Kookaburra Cove is another great spot for younger kids. It is a 3,000 square- foot splash area with sea creature play elements just begging to be climbed on by little visitors.  Cutback Cove has a corkscrew water slide, waterfalls and poolside chairs for sunbathers.  Finally, there is Walkabout Waters which is a three-story outdoor fun house that offers all kinds of ways to get wet. There are geysers, sprays, and a giant dumping bucket that is fun for the whole family!


Bacon Cheese Fries
Bacon Cheese Fries

There are several dining locations for you to choose from during your visit to Aquatica San Antonio. The Waterstone Grill offers hamburgers, pizzas, wraps, salads, kid’s meals and desserts. Mango Market has fresher options such as salads and specialty sandwiches and wraps. Big Surf Snacks has a variety of snack foods, sandwiches, wraps, salads and desserts. There are also snack locations throughout the park if you want some popcorn, Dip N Dots, etc. There is also a food truck that offers loaded French fry options.

The Cabanas

There are five different levels of cabanas that can be rented. The Aquatica San Antonio Cabana (level 1) starts at $75 and the Aquatica San Antonio Group Cabana (level 5) starts at $450 (prices vary depending on the date). The Aquatica San Antonio Cabana, Standard Cabana and Premium Cabana are priced for four guests and up to two more guests can be added for a fee of $25 per guest. The Ultimate Cabana is priced for 10 guests and up to two more can be added for a fee of $25 per guest. The Group Cabana is priced for 10 guests and up to five more guests can be added for a fee of $25 per guest. Also, the price of the cabana DOES NOT include a ticket to get into the park. They are sold separately.

Small Group Cabanas

The Aquatica San Antonio Cabana is the most basic option for your day at Aquatica. The cabana includes an all-day locker, ceiling fan and mini fridge. This is perfect for a family or small group that wants a place to hold all their things. The fridge allows you to bring your lunch and snacks with you and keep it cold all day. You also won’t have to worry about finding a place to sit and relax when it is time for a break and your locker is right there where you are sitting rather than having to walk across the park to get something.

Aquatica San Antonio Premium Cabana
Inside a Premium Cabana

The Standard Cabana has all the amenities of the previous cabana plus eight bottles or water, four souvenir towels (that you can take home with you) and a bottle of sunscreen.

The Premium Cabana has all the amenities of the Standard Cabana plus, upgraded furniture, in cabana food service for four people and two reserved lounge chairs set on the seating ledge of the pool.

Large Group Cabanas

The Ultimate Cabana has an all-day locker, ceiling fan, and mini fridge, twenty water bottles, 10 souvenir towels (that you can take home with you), sunscreen, upgraded furniture, in cabana dining for 10 people and satellite TV.

The Group Cabana has all the amenities of the Ultimate Cabana. However, these cabanas include your own private wading pool and chairs in the water to relax in.

Our Aquatica San Antonio Cabana Experiences

Summer 2017

Last year we rented the most basic Aquatica San Antonio Cabana. We rented in in the middle of July last year and the price was $175 for the day. The cabana had a nice sized locker and mini fridge for us to store our drinks and snacks. The furniture had basic resort style loungers and chairs. The fridge is inside the locker and we could lock everything we brought inside and took the key with us while we played in the water. The cabana was right at the entrance to Loggerhead Lane lazy river, and I really liked that since I spent a lot of time there.

Aquatica San Antonio Cabana
Our Cabana from Summer 2017

Having a cabana did make our experience better because we didn’t have to worry about where we were going to sit or stress about going back and forth to our locker. But, the furniture in the cabana was not comfortable at all for us. Now, keep in mind, my family and I are tall and heavy people. My hubby is 6 ft. 2 in. and I am just under 6 ft. We shared our cabana with my parents and they both have very bad knees, so it was interesting to get in and out of these chairs. So, because of the furniture, it is very unlikely for us to rent this level cabana again.

Summer 2019

This year, we rented the Aquatica San Antonio Premium Cabana. We decided to upgrade from last year for a couple of different reasons. First, because we remembered that we did not like the furniture from the last cabana. Second, we wanted to do something special for my mom’s birthday which fell on the weekend this year.

So, we booked the rental for the middle of July again. We booked this rental in March and it was $500 for the day. Yes, I know, I cringed when I paid for this. But, we did split the cost with my parents. So, it didn’t hurt as much. But, keep in mind, with this cabana we got four souvenir towels, four meals, and eight bottles of water. We also got an all-day locker included in the price. Locker rentals for the day we went into the park was $20-$35 for the day. When we buy lunch for the four of us at the park, it usually costs $45-$60 (even after our 10% annual pass holder discount). Just things to keep in mind for this cabana rental.

First Impressions

When we checked in at the front of the park, we were given wristbands to let employees know we could be in the cabana area. Then, we were escorted to our cabana.  Our cabana was located right at Whanau Waters. We could literally step down from our cabana onto the sunning ledge where our loungers were. It was an amazing location. The next thing I noticed was the upgraded furniture and I was so happy. We had a couch, chair and table and could fit all four of us comfortably.


When we first made it to our cabana, we were given a menu to fill out. It looked like the food came from the Mango Market on the edge of the park. Lunch included sandwich or salad options, sides, bottled drinks, and desserts. We were given an option of when lunch would be brought to our cabana. We selected the time and turned it in to the attendant of our cabana location. Both of my parents and I tried the Southwest Chicken Wrap and hubby got the Ultimate Club Sandwich. Then, we got a bag of chips and a bottle of Coke. Finally, we had quite a variety for dessert. My dad and I got the chocolate pudding, my mom the stingray cookies and my hubby got cotton candy; all options for our included meals.

Lunch was okay. My hubby is the pickiest eater in the family, and he was not thrilled by the choices. He does not eat a lot of green things. He would have loved a burger or a chicken sandwich rather than something “healthy”. The wraps were tasty, but not something we would rush to have again. Our desserts were the highlight of the meal. The stingray cookies were shortbread cookies with sugar coating. The cotton candy was pre-made, but still satisfying. The chocolate pudding was like old school pudding and was very tasty. The only problem was that it probably wasn’t the best option for a summer day in a waterpark.

Final Thoughts

I very much enjoyed our cabana experience. Our lunch was a little lack-luster, but it is still something I would do again. We had a prime location and it didn’t feel crowded. Now, my family and I showed up to the park right when it opened. The families who rented the other cabanas in our section did not come in until about 1 P.M. so we basically had the whole area to ourselves for quite some time. My parents LOVED the loungers and spent most of their day there. Hubby and I explored the park for a couple of hours. We waded in the wave pool, did a couple of slides and a couple of rounds in the lazy river. We made our way back to the cabana about 30 minutes before lunch was delivered and we just lounged in the furniture. My hubby loved that he was able to just sit back and relax and read some of his book. I liked being able to take a break from the sun for a while.

The Downside

The only downside of the day was that the earliest time for lunch to be delivered was 1:30 PM. My husband was starving by about 11:30 AM, so we had to snack a bit before lunch arrived. Then, like I said above, the lunch options could have been a little bit better. But, that is mostly because of who is in our family. I am sure there are many out there who would have been completely satisfied with the options.

Overall Experience

Overall, I very much recommend renting a cabana at Aquatica San Antonio. The cabanas make our experiences so much better. I think we will always get the Premium Cabana too so we can have the loungers and upgraded furniture. If your budget allows you to, you should try the Premium Cabana as well. Remember to keep in mind that the price includes, towels, food and water for four people as well as a locker.

Other Upgrades


Aquatica San Antonio also offers Lounger rentals. You can rent two loungers starting at $10 for the day or four loungers starting at $25 for the day (again, prices vary depending on the date). These loungers are located throughout the park and are shaded. Lockers are not included with the loungers, but if you are comfortable, you can leave your things with the lounger since there is an attendant making sure the only people in the area are the ones who paid for the loungers.

Stingray Encounter

Stingray Feeding area
The Stingray feeding area

Next is the Stingray Encounter. For $15 per person you can wade into the Stingray pool and feed and pet the (slimy) animals. It is a great experience if you can muster up the courage to get into the water with them. They are actually very docile. It is weird how they take the food from your hand too. It’s almost like a vacuum.

Quick Queue

You can also purchase the Quick Queue starting at $15 (prices vary depending on the day) which will put you to the front of every line for the day. This might be worth it on the very busy days.

All Day Dining

Finally, Aquatica San Antonio also offers All Day Dining. For $45 per adult and $30 per child (ages 3-9) you get an entrée, side, dessert, and a non-alcoholic beverage as often as EVERY 90 minutes throughout the whole day. If you are planning on eating two meals or more in the park, this deal is worth it!


Aquatica San Antonio is one of the better waterparks in San Antonio; in my opinion. I highly recommend for locals to have a 2-park Annual Pass that allows you to visit the park as often as you want during the summer. Then, you will also have unlimited access to SeaWorld San Antonio throughout the year as well.

A day in Aquatica can always be fun regardless of whether you purchase an upgrade or not. But, I do believe that renting a cabana make the day so much better. For my family, it reduces a lot of stress of finding and paying for a locker and finding and keeping a place to sit throughout the day. Then, the cabana just makes you feel a little extra special too. We have definitely gotten spoiled with the cabanas and will more than likely rent a cabana once a year in future summers. My family and I all agree that it is so worth it!

Question of the Week

Have you ever rented a cabana from Aquatica San Antonio? What about a different waterpark? What was your experience like?

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